Self-Care Wheel, part 2

About ten days ago I posted a self-care wheel and chose something from each section of the wheel to work on for a few weeks. Here’s an update on the things I’ve been working on.

Professional–plan my next career move. I am going to an ABAI (Association for Behavior Analysis International) conference in May. It will be very good for my career and my employer will pay for it since it is an educational opportunity. I’m anxious about the travel, but I want to do it.

Physical–get enough sleep. This has happened about half the time. I like staying up late and have to get up early for work tomorrow. I have a hard time making my body settle and fall asleep early enough to get 8 hours a night most of the time. I’ll keep working on this.

Psychological–go to therapy and read a self-help book. I saw my therapist last week and will see him again Wednesday. I’m currently reading Change Your Brain Change Your Life by Daniel G. Amen.

Emotional–use affirmations. I have been reading over these a couple times a day and find them slightly more believable on a cognitive level, but I don’t feel them yet. I need to give this more effort.

Spiritual–go into nature. I have done this most days. I have also gotten a few houseplants and started a couple plants in the yard. I find it very fulfilling.

Personal–make a vision board. I’ve started cutting out/collecting pictures and words for this.

I’d definitely recommend this practice to others. You can pick things from the self-care wheel that won’t be too difficult for you so you don’t get overwhelmed. It feels good to do positive things like this.


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