Speaking Up is Hard 

I’ve been kind of quiet lately. That’s partly because I’ve been distracted by work. But mostly I’ve been wondering whether I’m doing any good by talking/writing/sharing about my experience with mental illness. I’m afraid that what I’m really doing is giving those who believe bad things about mental illness (especially BPD) more reason to believe those things. 

For example, if a person believes that people with BPD are overly-sensitive babies who need to toughen up and I write about how I burst into tears and spent hours hating myself because I broke the yolks when I tried making eggs over easy–is that going to help my case? It seems like it will just reinforce their opinion. 

And if I talk about how it can be rough to switch mess because of withdrawals and new side effects, won’t that give those anti-meds people more ammunition? 

So that was the sort of thing I was worrying about. I don’t want to perpetuate negative beliefs or stigma. However, I’ve been thinking about it a lot and for now I care more about other people with mental illness than I care about naysayers (for lack of a better term). I want to help and support other people going through this stuff and encourage them to share and reach out on any way they can. I’m not going to let judgmental or ignorant people silence me.