Interview with Molly McHugh (bipolar 1 survivor)!!

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a blog post on Molly McHugh’s website Molly has lived with Bipolar 1 for many years and writes about her experiences as well as alternative treatments, scientific studies related to bipolar disorder, and tips for dealing with the disorder.

Molly interviewed me to highlight some of the differences between bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. I’m quite excited that I had the opportunity. Here is a link to the post on her blog.

Make sure you check out the other information on her website, especially if you deal with bipolar disorder.


I Was On the Radio!

Yesterday I was honored to be on a radio show called Moments of Clarity. It is hosted by Tiffany Werner, LMCH on WTAN radio in Florida. Moments of Clarity is a show promoting awareness of mental health and ending the stigma surrounding mental heath issues. I had the chance to talk about borderline personality disorder on the radio which was really exciting.

I thought I couldn’t listen to Moments of Clarity before since it’s on live radio when I’m at work, but I learned yesterday that the show can be streamed online after the fact. I’m looking forward to streaming the show from now on and listening to past episodes.

Anyway, here is a link to the show’s page. Check it out if you get a chance, and if you listen to the one I was on, let me know what you think.



Maria Bamford

My best friend sent me a track today from Maria Bamford’s album Ask Me About My New God. My friend sent it to me via Spotify, but here’s part of it on youtube.

Unfortunately this cuts off what I think is the best part, but I couldn’t find a longer clip. Bamford goes on to point out that people don’t get help because of stigma and that 7,000 veterans commit suicide each year. She says, “You’d think they’d die over there. But they come home and die.” Then through exaggerated fake laughter she says, “I figured it must be funny since no one seems to be taking it very seriously.” (I’m paraphrasing here).

So after listening to that I read a little about Maria Bamford and it turns out she is pretty public about her personal struggle with mental illness. She also uses her comedy to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness. She has been on The Nerdist podcast as well as The Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast. She has a live album called Unwanted Thoughts Synrome which is on youtube. Bamford has also done some voice work on Word Girl, Adventure Time, and CatDog.

Here is a link to an article about her that I enjoyed, and another cool youtube video. Yay for stigma fighters!!!